Sweet SmS

Emergency job seeker wanted
post: Good friend
Qualification: Fresh mind.
Duty time : Whole Life.
Behavior : Talk softly with sweet smile.
Salary : Unlimited love.
N.B : first come first serve.

Sweet SmS


Friendship is vast like universe

Deep like ocean, high like sky

Strong like Iron, Kind like mother,

cute like me, and Sweet like you.

Sweet SmS

Life ends when your stop dreaming.

Hope ends when you  stop trying

and love ends when you stop believing.

So make a dream with hopeful by love

A friend in my word

Friendship is not a mere catchword or watchword but a feeling of goodwill and sympathy, love and affection existing between two persons. It is a divine feeling which springs form similarity of tastes, feelings and sentiments and even of ideas and ideology, sometimes from gratitude gratefulness and often from close association and observation. It soothes a man in his distress, alleviates his suffering s, sustains him in his misfortunes, and helps him brave the theories of life and make his life a meaning, a meaning to himself, a meaning to his friend and others. Time may and does come to one when one can not express one’s feelings to one’s brothers, sisters, parents, superiors, and juniors. The feelings, emotions and sentiments become too heavy and until and unless one who undergoes these can not confide them to and only friends to whom one can reveal one’s all secret and feelings. But one should bear in mind that summer or fair weather friends do harm much and can lead one to ruin normally, physically and socially. So, right choice is a must. A true friend is one who stands by his friends in danger, smiles away his grief, encourages him in good and noble deeds, prevents him from wrong doing, admonishes him for his wrong choice and actions and gives counsels to brave the theories of life. Such a friend we need most and need to seek.

Sweet SmS


You don’t search flower,

I shall give you a garden.

You don’t  want a river to swim,

I shall give you a nice swimming pool.

You don’t search cloud,

I shall give you dazzling rain.

you don’t search to me,

Rather I shall search to you.

Sweet SmS

Anyone can make you happy

by doing something special,

but only someone special can make you happy

without doing anything.

Sweet SmS

A footballer like goal.

A cricketer like six.

A student like book.

A doctor like patient.

Wife like husband,

boy like girlfriend.

But I like only you.

Sweet SmS

Open your door receive my rose.

Open your mind receive my wish.

Open your eye receive my Smile.

Open your inbox receive my SmS.

Sweet SmS


In the flower my rose is you.

In the diamond my Kohinoor is you.

In the sky my moon is you.

In the body my heart is you.

That’s why I always miss you.

Sweet SmS


Love is a medicine for any kinds of wound.

But there is no medicine found in the world for wounded,

that is given by love.